February 23, 2012

Some bugs detected during arch testing

Just wanted to share some list of bugs I've recently hit during arch testing / stabilization. Especially useful for that is testing of reverse dependencies.

bug #387789 - app-office/passepartout-0.6_p1 failed (compile phase)
bug #390805 - dev-embedded/ftdi_eeprom-0.2 fails to compile
bug #397513 - dev-util/netbeans-6.8-r1 fails to compile (JavacTask.java:107: package CheckForCleanBuilds does not exist)
bug #398881 - media-libs/libxspf-1.2.0 fails to install (/usr/bin/install: cannot stat `html/*.gif': No such file or directory)
bug #398887 - dev-db/pgadmin3-1.14.1 pre-merge check failed (postgresql-config: command not found)
bug #399469 - dev-python/matplotlib-1.0.1-r1 fails to build with USE=doc
bug #403851 - dev-java/xmlunit-1.3 uses network during src_compile
bug #403859 - dev-db/slony1-1.2.10 fails to compile (error: 'SerializableSnapshot' undeclared)

And bugs that are fixed now:

bug #385403 - dev-php5/pecl-http-{1.7.0-r1,1.7.1} sandbox violation
bug #385423 - games-simulation/crashtest-1.1 fails to build (fltk-config misuse?)
bug #387785 - dev-cpp/gtksourceviewmm-2.10.1 failed (glibmm missing shared doc utilities?)
bug #390831 - media-sound/amarok-2.4.3 fails to compile (config-amarok.h: No such file or directory)
bug #394995 - emerge: InvalidDependString: USE flag 'birdstep' is not in IUSE (REQUIRED_USE contains flag not in IUSE)
bug #399513 - dev-lang/xsb-3.3.2 fails to compile
bug #399621 - media-plugins/vdr-dvd-0.3.7_pre20071113-r1 fails to compile against media-libs/libdvdnav-4.2.0
bug #401137 - dev-java/mx4j-tools-3.0.2 fails to unpack with jython