August 7, 2014

Can your distro compile Chromium?

Chromium is moving towards using C++11. Even more, it's going to require either gcc-4.8 or clang.

Distros like Ubuntu, Mageia, Fedora, openSUSE, Arch, CentOS, and Slackware are already using gcc-4.8 or later is their latest stable release.

On the other hand, Debian Wheezy (7.0) has gcc-4.7.2. Gentoo is using gcc-4.7.3 in stable.

I started a thread on gentoo-dev, gcc-4.8 may be needed in stable for www-client/chromium-38.x. There is a tracker for gcc-4.8 stabilization, bug #516152. There is also gcc-4.8 porting tracker, bug #461954.

Please consider testing gcc-4.8 on your stable Gentoo system, and file bugs for any package that fails to compile or needs to have a newer version stabilized to work with new gcc. I have recompiled all packages, the kernel, and GRUB without problems.

The title of this post is deliberately a bit similar to my earlier post Is your distro fast enough for Chromium? This browser project is pushing a lot towards shorter release cycles and latest software. I consider that a good thing. Now we just need to keep up with the updates, and any help is welcome.


Draget said...

1000+ installed packages, compiling wiht gcc-4.8 since several months. Hardly any issues. Those I had, are reported/fixed in new versions of packages.

Anonymous said...

Which version exactly is the stable candidate 4.8.3?

Paweł Hajdan, Jr. said...

I think the bug doesn't explicitly mention one yet, but IMHO yeah, 4.8.3 (latest for now) seems the best candidate.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you have problems with rebuilding boost with gcc 4.8?

Frank Kroemmelbein said...

So after a world rebuild with gcc-4.8.3, with ~1.450 packages including a third from unstable only 2 problems occured. now solved and not related to gcc update. workaround with PIC Useflag enabled works, this errors seems related with gcc 4.8.3 update.

Here is a full list of my installed Ebuilds:

So green light for gcc-4.8.3 from my side.

@4 dev-libs/boost-1.52.0-r7:0/1.52 build without a problem.

Paweł Hajdan, Jr. said...

Thanks, I'm really glad to see success reports here. I didn't have any problems with boost either.

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