September 20, 2011

Stabilizations: situation stable

I just checked and x86 and amd64 bug queues are fully under control. I'd even say we're now doing stabilizations faster than maintainers can file new bugs and fix stabilization blockers.

A lot of credit goes to arch team members and arch testers who've been doing a lot of good work in this area. Also, at least for me, the productivity has increased a lot after using better tools from;a=summary

My plans now include better handling of stabilization requests we can't handle yet due to bugs or missing info (I'm going to provide better feedback for the maintainers - just need to adjust my tools a little bit), and then looking for packages that are a little bit behind and should be stabilized.

Arch testers' help is still wanted and very appreciated. Now that bug queues are shorter than they used to be we can do even better testing.

We're on good track towards having a good, stable, and up-to-date tree.