February 15, 2012

Help wanted with www-client/chromium bugs

Recently some new bugs have been filed against www-client/chromium, mostly related to HTML5 video issues. More feedback on those bugs would help fixing them faster and preventing possible regressions for Gentoo stable users.

By the way, helping with those bugs may be one step for you towards becoming a Herd Tester, and getting a cool badge on Gentoo Bugzilla like this one:

Back to the bugs then:

bug #402787 - html5 video loading progression bar issue
bug #402995 - html5 video loading but not playing
bug #402997 - html5 video sound playback issue

I have not yet tried reproducing above bugs, but the steps to reproduce are not specific enough. Any help with making the bugs more specific and reproducible is welcome, as well as reports of success (i.e. no bug + version of the browser) or failure (i.e. bug reproduced + details).

bug #403449 - doesn't release memory if sandboxed and swap is used

This is a weird bug, and may be kernel-related. I have not yet tried to reproduce, but help is very welcome there, and remember to post the version number of your kernel (uname -r). Always remember to post the version number of www-client/chromium as well.

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