November 4, 2011

x86 testers wanted: tuxonice-sources and freeipmi

We have at least two bugs that need more testing reports on x86:

bug #373491 - Stabilize =sys-kernel/tuxonice-sources-2.6.38-r1
bug #364485 - sys-libs/freeipmi-0.8.9 de-keywording request

If you're using those packages please comment on the mentioned bugs what are your testing results (both positive and negative; without positive report we don't really know whether anyone has tested those).

By the way, feel free to just do the same (test and report) from time to time with x86 bugs.

If you have an amd64 system, please do the same with amd64 bugs.

It's really worth your effort. If the updates have annoying bugs, it's better to defer stabilization until they're fixed rather than annoying many stable users. Similarly, if the updates work for you, it's better if we can just release them sooner and start working on other packages.