March 17, 2011

Unbreaking net-print/foo2zjs

If you happen to be using a printer that requires foo2zjs drivers (or foo2xqx, foo2hp, foo2lava, foo2qpdl, foo2slx, foo2hiperc, foo2oak - they are all part of net-print/foo2zjs package), you may be frustrated about numerous issues with broken digests for Gentoo's foo2zjs package.

Well, I also have a printer that requires one of those drivers, and decided to add a working ebuild to the tree. The upstream changes the tarball in place and requires downloading additional files from the network, so I decided to make a live ebuild. You can see bug #356695 and [gentoo-dev] unbreaking net-print/foo2zjs for the full story.

The end result is that there is a working net-print/foo2zjs solution on Gentoo now. The live ebuild requires one step to enable it:

# echo "=net-print/foo2zjs-99999999 **" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords

Then you should be able to just install it:

# emerge -av net-print/foo2zjs