December 9, 2010

New Herd Tester: Mike Gilbert

I am excited to announce that the first official Herd Tester has joined the Chromium in Gentoo team. Mike Gilbert, also known as floppymaster, has been actively helping with reported bugs, and testing bleeding-edge builds of www-client/chromium.

I have received a lot of questions how people can help the Chromium in Gentoo project, and I think that a few examples would be the best way to explain that:

We also have another great contributor, Julien Sanchez. He is testing the unstable versions of the browser, helping on Bugzilla, and as you can see in the www-client/chromium's ChangeLog, his work is very appreciated.

There are many more people helping the Gentoo team. Based on packages' ChangeLogs, here is our little "Hall of Fame" so far:
  • Yuri Arabadji
  • Carlos Augusto
  • Alex Barker
  • Patrizio Bassi
  • Johan Bergström
  • Anton Bolshakov
  • Auke Booij
  • Robert Bradbury
  • Zeke Connor
  • cyrillic
  • Damien
  • Reimar Döffinger
  • Vladimir Dolzhenko
  • Sergey Dulko
  • Daniel Faucon
  • ferret
  • fkhp
  • Michał Górny
  • Petr Gregor
  • Aaron Haviland
  • Andrew John Hughes
  • Joel
  • Constantine D. Kardaris
  • kernelOfTruth
  • Bailey Kong
  • Oleksandr Kovalenko
  • Priit Laes
  • Luke-Jr
  • mcclung
  • Kevin J Meagher
  • mjbjr
  • Nikoli
  • nixtrian
  • Doktor Notor
  • Vicente Olivert
  • Victor Orozco
  • Anthony Parsons
  • Ian Pickworth
  • Elias Pipping
  • Tomas Racek
  • George Reitsma
  • Richard
  • Alexandre Rostovtsev
  • Keith Rusler
  • sandrain
  • Daniel Schömer
  • Evan Teran
  • Andrey Vihrov
  • Andy Wilkinson
  • Sok Ann Yap
As you can see, we get a lot of support and feedback from the community.

It is worth noting that many Gentoo developers who are not members of the project have also contributed their work:
  • Jory A. Pratt (anarchy)
  • Diego Elio Pettenò (flameeyes)
  • Jim Ramsay (lack)
  • Peter Alfredsen (loki_val)
  • Pacho Ramos (pacho)
  • Maciej Mrozowski (reavertm)
  • Tomáš Chvátal (scarabeus)
  • Dror Levin (spatz)
  • Samuli Suominen (ssuominen)
  • Harald van Dijk (truedfx)
Add to that the work of the arch teams and the security team... It is just awesome!

By the way, don't forget how it all started: Bernard Cafarelli (voyageur) added the first ebuilds to the tree  in 2009...