April 12, 2010

Fixing www-client/chromium bugs

I recently fixed some Chromium bugs on Gentoo, and at the time of this post we are down to just three of them: http://bugs.gentoo.org/buglist.cgi?quicksearch=chromium.

If you have any problems with this great browser on Gentoo, please file a bug. My point is that Gentoo Bugzilla is the place developers look at most frequently (at least I do). We also have forums, and I try to also help there if I can, but things are less organized there. It's frequent that many people comment about unrelated issues, we don't get enough details, and it's sometimes hard to tell whether an issue is really resolved.

I'm sometimes seeing complaints about HTML 5 video not working on Gentoo, and other similar issues. I would be very interested both in bug reports, and also working configurations. Hopefully some pattern will emerge, making it possible to fix the issue. Here's the minimal needed info:

  • emerge --info
  • version and USE flags of www-client/chromium (for example emerge -1pv www-client/chromium)
  • similarly for ffmpeg
  • steps to reproduce (the web site address - URL - would be great)
  • a screenshot also helps, to tell whether it's a crash, or the playback UI doesn't load, or some other issue